U.E.S. Mahila Mahavidyalaya Library, Solapur

      U.E.S. Mahila Mahavidyalaya Library, Solapur has been established in 1989 along with the establishment of its college. The college is single faculty of the arts college. The library of the college plays a vital role in imparting knowledge by providing resources and services to its users. The library is central and common to all the academic activities of the college. The library has partially automated with LMS SOUL 3.0. New titles, textbooks, reference books, periodicals, journals and magazines have been added to enrich the library.

Library Staff

Sr.No Staff Name Designation Qualification Joining Date Experience
1  Mr. Amar R. Dixit Librarian M.A., M. Lib. & I.Sc. M.Phil., NET. 15/06/1996 27 Yrs.
2  Mr. Imran I. Jamadar Library Attendant S.S.C. 01/07/1993 30 Yrs.
3  Vacant Library Attendant - - -

Library Collection

      The library has a collection of more than 7000 books, journals, and rare books. Books are categorized as textbooks and reference books. Students, research scholars, teachers, and other library members can borrow books from the library..

Sr.No Resources Total Books
1  Books 4801
2  Donated Books 1037
3  Online e-books 195800+
4  Journal / Periodicals 06
5  Online e-Journals 6000+
6  CD / DVDs 07
7  Newspapers 03

E-resources Subscription

Sr.No vendor Link
2  N-List User Manual

Online free e-Resources (e-books and e-journals)

Sr.No vendor Link
1  KRC Solapur University E-Resources -
2  National Digital Library of India (NDLI)
3  World e-Book Library
5  pdfdrive
6  Internet Archive
7  Braille Books
8  Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ)
9  Jstore
10  ERIC Databases

Library Services

   1. Book Lending Services

   2. Current Awareness Services

   3. Newspaper Clipping Services

   4. Internet Services

   5. Inter library Loan Services

   6. Previous Question Papers / Syllabus

Library Committee

      The library committee regularly guides the development of the college library and holds two annual meetings through which the annual activities of the library are planned. Simultaneously, Annual Report, Stock Verification Report, Library Budget etc. are approved. .

Sr.No Staff Name Designation
1  Principal Dr. Farzana M. Shaikh Chairman
2  Mr Amar R. Dixit Secretary
3  Prof. Nikhat M. Shaikh Member
4  Prof. Ruksana L. Jamadar Member
5  Dr. Zainab A. Nayab Member

Special Activity

   1. Library Orientation for freshers.

   2. University Level Book Review Competition.

   3. Best Library User award.

Social Media Services

Sr.No Services Link
1   Library Blog
2   Library Facebook page
3   Library WhatsApp group

Library Rules

1. Membership: The Membership of the library is open for the teaching staff, students and non-teaching staff of the U.E.S. Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Solapur. A non-member is not admitted to the library except for special permission from the college Principal.
2. Library Hours: Library remains open Monday to Saturday (except for Gazette Holidays) from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for the users.
3. Library Membership Card: The Borrower’s Card issued to the students from the College library is their Library Membership Card. The Books are issued to the users on the production of valid Borrower’s Cards. The number of books and the period of loan/borrowing of books for different categories of members are as follows:

Sr.No Member Category No. of Books Loan / Borrowing Period
1   Teachers 15   1 Full Semester
2   Under Graduate Students 02   07 Days
3   Non-Teaching Staff 05   1 Full Semester

4. Loss of Library Borrower’s Card: The student who loses or damages his Card shall make a written report to the College library and She will be issued a duplicate Card as per College library Rules. Member shall be held responsible for any misuse of Lost or damaged Identity Card.
5. Borrowing of Books: Books can be borrowed from the library on any working day i.e., Monday to Friday (except for Gazetted Holidays) between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on production of valid membership card. The library follows partial open access systems; thus, the Borrowers can select the books of their choice from the library stacks. The Borrowers will have to produce the books with the valid membership Card to the Counter Assistant on the Circulation Counters for borrowing and returning purposes. Before borrowing the book, the Borrowers must satisfy themselves about any mutilation or damage to the physical condition of the books, otherwise, they will be held responsible for the same at the time of returning of book. The users will be required to replace the lost copy with its new copy failing which s/he will be charged the cost of the book for the lost book and the repair charges in case of a damaged book.

How to Use OPAC

OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue) is the tool for searching the collection of the library. This provides you facility to search and check the availability of the document/(s) of your choice in the library. The documents could be searched by a number of access points viz. Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Keywords, etc. These access points could be used individually or in conjunction with each other using Boolean operators AND/ OR for searching the documents.
The detailed instruction as provided in the help menu of the SOUL 3.0 is given here with a few examples for using the OPAC module to make them more expressive/understandable to the users: View Document
Quick Search: This facility allows fast and accurate retrieval of data through various access points. When more than one record meets the search criteria, a summary list of titles is immediately displayed. The user can select the relevant record and look at the complete details of the selected record.
Issue Details & Reservation: The circulation Status of the selected document is highlighted on the screen. Users can find the material issued, as well as put material on reserves etc.
Steps For operating OPAC: Click on the OPAC icon on the SOUL main screen. Select Books from the displayed menu by placing the mouse cursor and clicking. Follow the steps described below.
Selection of language: Click on the down arrow of the language box. The software will display a list of languages available. Select the language of the book for which you want to search from the list of languages. Use mouse cursor to browse through the list and select the language by clicking.
Entering the field for search: Enter the known field or the field on which you want to search. The fields could be author, title, subject, keyword etc as displayed on the screen. Key in the fields in the respective boxes. Select the field by placing the mouse cursor in the window of the field and clicking. To move to the next field, use the TAB key. To move to the previous field, use the SHIFT + TAB key on the computer keyboard.
Selecting multiple fields for search: Use the AND / OR Boolean operators for specifying the Boolean combination of the fields for search by clicking on the appropriate selection operator. The default operator is OR for all fields. The fields could be chosen in any combination. Use the mouse cursor and click on the OR or AND labels for the selection of Boolean combination of search.


      The library committee regularly guides the development of the college library and holds two annual meetings through which the annual activities of the library are planned. Simultaneously, Annual Report, Stock Verification Report, Library Budget etc. are approved. .